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Coastal Waste Services

116 fairhope Ave
Fairhope, AL 36562

(888) 493-7492

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Hazardous Waste Removal Services

Coastal Waste Services transports and disposes hazardous waste for the entire southeast US. We have been in the waste management business for nearly 20 years, and all of our staff has hazardous materials training. We ensure that your waste disposal will be done in an environmentally friendly manner. We can dispose of paint-related materials, corrosive liquids, heavy metals, toxic waste and more. Call us today at (888) 493-7492 for quality hazardous waste disposal services!

No matter the size of your business, Coastal Waste Services works hard to give our clients efficient waste management service and the personalized attention they deserve.

Let Us Help You Clean Up Your Mess! (888) 493-7492

Also serving Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi Statewide

We Can Handle:

  • Flammables (Waste Paints, Thinners, Adhesives)
  • Corrosives (Waste Acids, Caustics)
  • Oxidizers (Waste Peroxides/Reactives)
  • Toxic Wastes (Poisons, Metals & Other Listed Hazardous Wastes)
  • Non-Hazardous Wastes (Petroleum Contaminated Soils/Waste Oils & Oil Filters)
  • Gray & Black Water (Septage & Galley Waste)
  • Contact Water (Petroleum Contact Water)
  • Special Waste (Batteries, Fluorescent Lamps, Asbestos, Mercury-Containing Instruments)
  • Lab Packs (Institutional & Laboratory Chemicals)
  • Pressurized Cylinders (including Aerosol Cans)
  • Low-Level Radioactive Waste (Depleted Uranium Counterweight)

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